Heavy Haulage Vs Courier – Do You Know The Difference?

UK logistics is one of the fastest growing sectors throughout the United Kingdom. The transport industry is increasing in demand as companies need reliable and effective shipment of products throughout the country and world. This has helped the industry immensely over the past few years and is expected to continue growing in demand in the future.

Logistics comprises of numerous categories offering warehousing, order fulfilment, distribution and supply chain management. The freight side of the industry covers several products and areas and there is a difference between them. When it comes to transportation of goods, parcels and documents, you need to know which company is best suited to your needs.

Heavy haulage companies and courier companies both use Carriage of Goods policies, even though there are some differences. Heavy haulage companies usually have set contracts that they service regularly. This includes pre-booked appointments, enabling them to identify what they are carrying before they collect. The goods are then loaded and transported.

Heavy haulage companies carry goods that are larger and heavier, usually this includes containers and palletised goods. Where a courier company will carry smaller items, including letters and parcels. The size of the vehicles are selected based on the goods being carried with heavy haulage needing larger vehicles that can manage the heavy weight, compared to a van used by a courier company.

Courier companies don't normally have contracts, though they may be contracted by companies to carry out their delivery needs. They get customers by transporting one-time items. The difference is the size of the goods that they transport, along with the vehicle type. You can use a courier company on any day and at any time. They are not aware of the parcels they are transporting.

In addition to this, courier companies provide a parcel delivery service that can be nationwide or global. There are thousands of these companies operating, they are all registered and listed. They provide similar parcel delivery services such as same day services, domestic and business services and next day services.

Sending a small parcel can be expensive. The courier company provides reduced time to get the item to the recipient and you can track every step of the parcels journey. So you know exactly when it will be delivered and so does your customer.

Haulage companies transport large and heavy goods, they distribute pallets or containers of merchandise. The heavy haulage transport comes from a point of origin to the delivery address. They do not make multiple stops, as the courier company does. Heavy haulage insurance can be expensive, due to the amount of physical and financial damage that can be experienced should there be an accident.

Heavy haulage can include large vehicles and equipment to warehousing items. They can handle container shipping. A courier company will hand carry a parcel to the door, while heavy haulage companies have to use specialised equipment and winches to deliver items to the chosen destination.

When it comes to your business needs, you can decide what is the right match based on the items you are shipping. If you run an ecommerce store and are delivering small orders and packages, then a courier company is the right choice. If you need heavy industrial equipment delivered, such as cranes, loaders and diggers, then you are going to have to consider a heavy haulage company to carry out the transport for you.

About Us:

K Charles Haulage is a haulage and logistics company that operates throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. This company is small enough to care, but large enough to take care of all clients logistics needs. They provide a complete service, complete with vehicle tracking, so clients can see where their delivery is in real time. K Charles Haulage specialise in the food industry and bulk freight goods with a choice of delivery vehicles. With a transparent service, competitive pricing and easy online bookings, the company continues to grow from strength to strength. Find out more at https://kcharleshaulage.co.uk/.

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