Transport Companies Based In London Have The Advantage Of Close Proximity To Ports And Airports - A Crucial Facto For Seamless Operational Strategies

London based haulage companies are caught up in a highly competitive industry. With more than 34 000 registered haulage companies in the UK, this industry contributes massively to the economy. For survival in this tough industry, transport companies need to have skilled staff, an ultramodern fleet fitted with the latest technology, and offer superb turnkey solutions.

Because of the UK’s island status, road transport forms a link between different modes of transport, including sea freight, airfreight, as well as rail freight. UK trucking companies have comprehensive customer bases in the UK and across Europe. The differentiated modes of transport is beneficial to clients, as it gives them the opportunity to be part of a cost-effective network.

London based UK haulage companies offer local, European and worldwide shipping options for businesses, including the hauling of parcels and pallets. These efficient and reliable delivery services include haulage to countries including Japan, the USA and Hong Kong. All shipments are competitively priced.

With trucks on standby 24/7 for collection and deliveries across the UK and Europe, supported by a well-trained logistics team and admin staff, transport companies should be able to resolve any problems that may occur. Smart trackers process POD’s immediately at the point of delivery, which eliminates unnecessary delays on paperwork, saving time and money.

Environmentally friendly transport companies strive to reduce carbon emissions to Euro 6 standard. By simply adhering to these regulations, 2.2 million tons of carbon waste is instantly removed from the atmosphere. The moral fibre of transporters underpins sustainability of the industry.

Haulage companies are unregulated in the UK, therefore accreditation with FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association, the British International Freight Association (BIFA) and RHA (Road Haulage Association Ltd), shows that the transport company has credibility, and will only be granted membership when adhering to specific regulated standards. These affiliated transport companies will usually have positive feedback from satisfied clients on their website.

The entire structure of full trailer loads haulage in London is based on transporters considerable fleets, including a diverse collection of trailers, standard or mega curtain-sided and boxed trailers, fitted with refrigeration units, appropriate for consignments and collections of loads. These fleets would also include multiple arctic trucks, which are capable of handling pallets and other freight deliveries, seamlessly. Only drivers, who are CPC qualified and certified, should be employed, ensuring that the customer’s cargo reaches its destination safely.

These fleets are used for the transportation of chilled, ambient and frozen goods, fresh and processed foods, retail goods, beverages, and packaging materials. Freight will be collected and delivered from ports, from where it is transported to hubs in the UK and abroad. With more than 30 000 active haulage companies in the UK, customers have gained bargaining power regarding competitive rates and the demand turnkey solutions is rising.

The entire fleet is always on the radar, as it is fitted with ultra-modern tracking devices, to guarantee the safety of the cargo as well as the truck and its staff.

Well-established London transport companies have ample warehousing capacity, where trucks are able to collect, unpack and reload freight with the greatest of ease, ensuring that downtime is minimised in a cost-effective manner and that delivery times are always adhered to.

Client’s buying bulk stock, have the need to use a designated truck from a reputable haulage company, carrying a single load to an end destination. Full trailer loads carry anything from ambient, frozen or chilled products, or even building materials transported on pallets to a building site.

This is a cost-efficient way of transportation, cutting out multiple stops. Travelling time is reduced without unnecessary interruptions of multiple deliveries and pickups on route to the final destination.

It is crucial to bear in mind that haulage can be adversely affected by unforeseen circumstances. This includes bad weather, storms, government interference, human errors, language barriers and technical details. Skilled freight forwarders have the ability to intervene, thereby keeping delays to a minimum, while tracking the cargo to its final destination.

About Us:

KCharles Haulage is a well-established, highly acclaimed UK based transport company, offering same day or overnight transport of chilled, frozen and ambient products across Europe. Booking can be done online for vehicles transporting bulk freight, truckloads and trailers of different volumes, fitted with tracking systems. The company is goal driven and eco-friendly, yearning for a sustainable business model while reducing the carbon footprint. Specialising in transportation of a comprehensive product range including fresh and processed foods, beverages, packaging materials and a variety of other products. As industry market leaders, KCharles Haulage assists customers with urgent deliveries and meticulously meets delivery deadlines. For more information, please contact

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