UK Based Company Offers A World-Class Uncompromised Service With The Transportation Frozen Products Transport Locally And Across Europe From Collection To Requested Destination

It is imperative that the quality and integrity of food and perishable items should not be compromised during the transportation process, thereby disallowing microbes to intrude and ruin food articles that may lead to food poisoning when consumed. Frozen food should remain frozen until it is thawed and prepared. It should be kept at optimum temperature with a consistent cold chain during the transportation process.

Frozen foods are transported at temperatures below at -18°C. Different food items should be stored and transported at different temperatures. Ice cream and ice should be stored at -25°C, while deep frozen foods and fish products should be stored at -18°C. Butter and edible fats at -14°C, whereas egg products, offal, rabbit, poultry and game needs to be kept at a constant -12°C.

There are nationwide return load specialists in the UK, which collaborate with customers and assist them in a professional way. Well-trained staff will inform customers regarding road transport, bulk freight and haulage. Trucks and semi-trailers of various sizes and volumes do the transportation of chilled, frozen and ambient products. Haulage companies with high ethical standards will pay heed to reducing carbon emissions and by laying strong foundations for a sustainable business.

It is possible to transport frozen and ambient stock in the same truck by making use of dual evaporators. It provides separate temperature controls for the front and back compartments of the truck body. Referred to as split units, where one truck is used to transport frozen and chilled products, divided by an insulated partition, skirt or movable bulkhead, between the refrigerated and freezer units. This provides more options for flexibility of deliveries.

The significance of a continuous cold chain is critical to acclaimed frozen haulage companies. All vehicles are fitted with telematics technology, to monitor and record temperatures from beginning to end, right throughout the journey. Accurate feedback is provided to the service provider and the customer. Normally the temperature is upscaled to ensure that it maintains an acceptable level when doors open and close during multiple deliveries.

Well-established haulage companies in the UK offers a same day or overnight service, with the option of highly flexible contracts. Transportation of stock is extremely safe and compliant, while transparency during the transportation process is key. Trustworthy service providers will stick to ETA has and complete deliveries within the promised period.

Choose a haulage partner that has vehicles available 24/7 to collect freight from anywhere in the UK, and who employ highly skilled logistics teams. Advanced state -of-the-art technological systems whereby POD retrievals are available immediately on request after the delivery, simplifies the administrative process. Trucks fitted with cameras and GPS technology, affords customers the opportunity to access to ETAs, by simply logging into the portal. Day to day operations become less cumbersome.

Haulage companies specialising in the transportation of frozen goods, ensure that their trucks are fitted with technologically advanced equipment, allowing temperatures can be monitored 24/7. Dedicated service deliveries guarantees that the cold chain will be maintained and stay stable without any interruption during the delivery execution.

Drivers transporting frozen goods are important cogs in the machine, as they are present from pickup to drop-off. These highly responsible positions should be awarded dedicated staff, who are committed to the company and the delivery process. They should ensure that doors are not opened unnecessarily and they should check the temperature at regular intervals. Malfunctions should be reported immediately to avert unnecessary stock losses.

Cold Chain management is imperative during the entire delivery process. The final destination should not be overlooked. When frozen stock exits the truck, it should be transferred immediately to chillers and freezer rooms, to ensure that the temperature is maintained. When this last step is successfully executed, it will safeguard the integrity of the product and guarantee a perfect shelf life.

About Us:

KCharles Haulage is a well-established, highly acclaimed transport company based in the UK that offers same day or overnight transport of chilled, frozen and ambient products across Europe. Booking can be done online for vehicles transporting bulk freight, truckloads and trailers of different volumes, fitted with tracking systems. The company is goal driven and eco-friendly, yearning for a sustainable business model while reducing the carbon footprint. Specializing in transportation of fresh and processed foods, beverages, packaging materials and an array of other products, assisting customers with urgent deliveries and meeting delivery deadlines, makes KCharles Haulage the market leaders of the industry. For more information, please contact

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