Well-Established Chilled Delivery Service Operated Efficiently Across The UK And The Rest Of Europe Without Compromising The Integrity Of Frozen Goods

When transporting precious cargo across the UK and Europe, it is advisable to use a well-established reputable haulage company with a dedicated and experienced staff complement. Acclaimed companies have esteemed drivers who are knowledgeable about the routes and have the ability to deliver the goods sticking to the ETA’s.

Specialised frozen haulage companies have built-in state-of-the-art tracking equipment in every truck, ensuring that temperatures can be monitored 24/7 during the transporting period. These tracking devices guarantee that the cold chain will be maintained successfully and not be interrupted during the delivery process.

Cold chain management is the crucial factor when it comes to distribution of frozen and chilled goods in the UK and across the continent. Understanding the products being transported is a crucial part of haulage process, adding valuable insights into the management of the load. A highly skilled team of expertly trained staff, working in sync to ensure that temperatures are monitored according to industry related standards, and controlled from the loading bay to the end destination, should maintain this process effectively.

It is the
sole responsibility of the cold chain manager, from the pick point to the delivery of the products at the end destination, that the temperature should be controlled ensuring that all products are subjected to the prescribed temperature without any interruption upward or downward spikes in temperature, specifically during warehousing and transportation. By maintaining the integrity of the product with an uninterrupted cold chain, longevity and extended shelf life of the products are guaranteed.

When frozen products are transported locally in the UK or intercontinentally, it is imperative that the product is treated with similar respect when it is offloaded at the customer. It should be taken into a storage facility with the correct temperature, to maintain the process of the cold chain effectively.

Regulated temperatures of the cold chain is a continuous process and every member of the team should understand the importance of maintaining the process and the consequences of the failure of the process.

Either the dire consequence of the cold chain being broken during a journey at delivery means that the integrity of the product is compromised and that the product is spoilt and needs to be dumped or wasted, or the shell life is shortened due to heat shock.

Harmful microbes are eliminated and will not be able to contaminate frozen food, allowing preservation of food for longer periods. It also minimises the risk of food poisoning when the food is consumed. Once food products are frozen, it should remain frozen until it is consumed. This means that the prescribed temperature at which the food is stored should be maintained optimally. A break in the cold chain could lead to enormous financial losses for all parties involved.

When frozen foods are transported, temperatures should be below -18°C or less, at all times. That is the minimum requirement, although there are exceptions to the rule, depending on the type of haulage being transported, with variable temperatures applicable to different types of perishable goods.
Ice Cream and ice should be kept at -25°C, whereas deep-frozen foods and fish products at -18°C. Butter and edible fats should be kept at -14°C, whereas egg products, offal, rabbit, poultry and game can tolerate transport temperatures of -12°C.

Temperature controlled vehicles guarantees that cargo is kept at optimum temperatures as required by the manufacturer or customer at all times during the transit process. In the process of controlling warm air, the cooling performance of the truck will be optimized.

Reputable companies always have state-of-the-art tracking devices installed in vehicles to guarantee that products are not compromised during declining temperatures. It also protects the company’s most valuable assets, namely the staff. The cargo is tracked from collection to delivery using a reliable vehicle tracking system.

Tracking devices are able to record and communicate temperatures of products to a centralised control room. If need be, customers will also be able to track their orders in transit via login access to determine exact ETA’s.These devices will track the routes, and will warn drivers of possible hijackings and dangerous areas to avoid.

About Us:

KCharles Haulage is a well-established, highly acclaimed transport company based in the UK that offers same day or overnight transport of chilled, frozen and ambient products across Europe. Booking can be done online for vehicles transporting bulk freight, truckloads and trailers of different volumes, fitted with tracking systems. The company is goal driven and eco-friendly, yearning for a sustainable business model while reducing the carbon footprint. Specializing in transportation of fresh and processed foods, beverages, packaging materials and an array of other products, assisting customers with urgent deliveries and meeting delivery deadlines, makes KCharles Haulage the market leaders of the industry. For more information, please contact https://kcharleshaulage.co.uk/.

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