What Is International Freight Transport?

The world relies on the import and export of goods and international freight transport companies handle the process. An international freight company is similar to a travel agent for cargo. They coordinate the transportation details between international sellers and their buyers, ensuring the goods arrive where they are chosen to go.

There is a difference between freight and logistics. Freight means the method of how the goods are moved. It refers to cargo being shipped through various means, such as the air or sea. Logistics is the methodology of getting goods from one point to another. International freight transport companies handle the logistics, the flow of the goods in a supply chain from the transport to the warehousing to planning value added services.

There are different types of freight. Freight is the method used to ship goods, but does not refer to the types of goods. This is confusing for those that are new to using a company of this nature for your international delivery needs. The common types of freight includes air cargo, ocean freight, rail and road.

The international freight transport company does not own an airplane, truck, train or ship to transport the goods. They are able to deliver items globally using their knowledge and connections. They are basically a go-between for the parties involves in the import and export of goods.

When you work with a company of this nature, matters are simplified and it can reduce frustration, time and tress. The company will manage the responsibility of being the main point of contact throughout the transport process. They manage the details from start to finish, tracking the cargo arrival and contacting airlines and trucking companies to ensure that items are picked up and arrive at their destination on time. The international freight transport company coordinates all the details and communicates with clients.

The international freight transport provider will establish the best modes of transport, determine the weight and dimensions of the products or the type of container needs, they review documentation and schedule transport. They monitor the cargo movements, contact parties when it arrives at its destination and invoices the client.

The company will establish their clients credit before they identify the transport mode of interest, based on the cost. They identify the cargo to identify if it can be transported by container or what is needed. They can provide less than container load or full container load services. Less than container loads means your cargo is placed with others to reduce costs.

The international freight transporter will determine the rates and review all the documentation. The documentation is that received from suppliers and they will troubleshoot any information missing. Once they have everything in order, they schedule the transportation of the goods.

When the shipment arrives at customers, they contact the party, which may be a customs broker or importer. The items then clear customers and the transport company arranges the transportation of the goods to their final destination.

When it comes to international freight transport, it's advisable to use a company with extensive knowledge and experience to ensure a seamless transport process. Your business relies on timely deliveries and you may not be able to avoid delays. Discuss your needs with a
number of international freight transport companies, learn as much about them as possible and then review them to find the right match for your particular international transport needs.

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